The Custom Shoppe: Customizable Furniture Made in America

The Custom Shoppe does what it says on the tin - offers customizable furniture. However, the firm will not only customize any of their standard products to meet your personal specifications, but will also create your own design of furniture.  In fact, many of the designs offered on The Custom Shoppe's website have been designed by customers, particularly larger combos such as entertainment units that combine several different units.

However, most people will be perfectly happy with what the firm offers on its site. You are not only provided with a good choice of individual items, but also of standard customizations to these whereby you tick the box to choose your specific woods, finishes, dimensions and so on. Let's exemplify this with bedroom furniture and kitchen furniture.

The Custom Shoppe Bedroom Furniture

The Custom Shoppe offers beds, chests, closets, dressers, armoires, TV stands and many other items of bedroom furniture. When you choose a bed, for example, you have a choice of four standard sizes, and several options for the moldings on the headboard and footboard. You may also choose from nine different bed designs from the 'customer portfolio' - beds that have been designed by customers and that have been adopted into The Custom Shoppe range.

The same molding choices can be applied to any other piece of bedroom furniture you choose. With dressers you have 10 different dresser styles to choose from, each with a number of options in height, width and depth. You also have eight customer-designed dressers available of you prefer the look of these.

We could go on and on - armoires (7 standard styles with and without TV, with dimension options plus two customer styles), closets (9 styles + dimension options and 5 customer designs) and so on. You should now have the idea of what The Custom Shoppe is about - you can select from the many options of style, each offering options in dimensions and moldings, and often of woods and finishes, or select one of the customer designs the company has chosen to offer the public.

If none of these meets your needs, then design your own. The Custom Shoppe will send you back a 3D representation of your design, but reserves the right to include it in their catalog. Through one or other of these routes, you are almost certain to be able to procure any item of bedroom furniture you need.

Customizable Kitchen Furniture

In the kitchen you can choose from a number of cabinet options.  You can choose from 28 options of floor cabinets and wall cabinets. First choose your cabinets from those available, the functionalities including spice rack pullout, sink units, dishwasher units, lazy Susans, corner units, pantry units, drawers and so on.  The select your doors, from six different molding styles, glazed and unglazed.  You can even choose the handles and knobs with an amazing 12 different options.

Once you are happy with the functionality and general appearance of your kitchen cabinets, you can select your wood from a selection of oak (including quarter sawn), cherry, and maple in a total of 21 different finishes and colors. Finally, write down any unique dimensions you require so there are no empty spaces in your kitchen, and The Custom Shoppe will provide you with your dream kitchen.

As with the bedroom furniture, if you cannot see anything you like in the standard range, and believe that you can do better, the firm will make up your own design in the wood of your choice - from the above list of oak, maple and cherry.  You wonÆt find a better or more comprehensive customizable furniture service than this in any other Atlanta furniture store. What can be better than having your design made into reality?

Other Furniture

The Custom Shoppe also offers a wide range of customizable furniture for your dining room, living room, home office,  library or any other room you may have. The company will also make up any design you send them if it is believed feasible to build. That is why they have that name - The Custom Shoppe!

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