Stickley Starters Kids' Furniture: It Grows With Your Children

Stickley furniture has been around for years. Since 1900 in fact, and L. & J.G. Stickley knows what you want and need. Most parents want furniture that will grow with their children. Kids grow fast, and parents want beautiful solid wood bedroom furniture that can be adapted as they grow rather than having to purchase new furniture with each spurt of growth.

That is what the Stickley Starters kids' furniture collection is designed to do. It is reconfigurable, yet no corners have been cut in its construction. The collection has been hand-crafted with care from solid quarter sawn white oak. This method of sawing the oak planks displays the whole beauty of this strong yet lovely wood. The white medullary flecks offer pleasing a pattern to the wood that is absent in regularly sawn oak planks.

This is very high quality wood crafted with high quality natural wood jointing techniques. Stickley Starters pieces are not nailed or screwed together, but jointed in such a way that the pressure of use increases the strength of the joints. Let's look at some examples.

The Stickley Starters Range
We shall not examine every piece in the range here: there are 47 pieces in all, including beds, chests, dressers, hutches, nightstands, chairs, desks, computer furniture, a rocker and a study armoire. Bunk beds can be converted to twins or doubles with extension pieces when required. The area beneath a bunk bed can be converted to a study area with a desk, chair and shelving.

Two young children can start off by sharing a room, sleeping on the top and bottom bunks. As they grow, the bunks can be extended and separated into two larger beds. They can even move with your children as they get their own separate rooms. Stickley Starters is a true collection, and irrespective of which of the wood finishes you choose, you can increase the collection for each child through time without compromising the appearance, design or quality.

Superb Heirloom Quality
The collection can follow your kids through to their teens, and even be handed down to younger siblings where necessary. The furniture can also be used by their own children - your grandchildren. These are high quality items of furniture, and the Stickley Starters collection has been designed not only to be adaptable to growth, but also to last. They are family heirlooms, just as most other Stickley furniture.

Solid wood children's furniture is not easy to find these days, and quarter sawn oak is even rarer. You will never regret choosing this for your children, and your kids will love you for it they know quality when they see it, and most will prefer solid wood to flimsy painted particleboard.

Wood Jointing Techniques
We were discussing the jointing methods used by Stickley earlier. Here are some examples:

Cross Rails:
The cross-rails of cabinets and cases are connected using dovetail joints. These rails give strength to the case or cabinet. They are actually blind dovetails, so the joint itself cannot be seen from the normal viewing position.

Dovetail joints are designed to be self-locking, and need no screws or glue, though they are often glued for extra security. It prevents kids from taking their furniture apart like Lego. It is impossible to separate the end panels of the cabinets and chests unless the wood itself is split apart.

Drawer Construction:
Drawers are often badly made and easily fall apart due the way kids tend to use them. Stickley is aware of this, and each drawer is made using dovetails joints for natural strength and rigidity. They are side hung with center guides for smooth, straight running so they never need forced, even when heavily loaded.

There is no scraping or friction screeching because the bottoms edges are never pressed hard on the bottom rails - all the pressure is taken by the strong side rails. The drawers move freely even when loaded to their maximum - and beyond! In fact, with Stickley Starters, every drawer is made and hand fitted to its own compartment and each are numbered to make sure they go back where intended.

Stickley Starters kids, furniture is a great way to furnish a child's bedroom. The collection grows with the children and it lasts. It can be reconfigured, and there many different storage options available including underbed trundle units. In addition to bunk beds, floor-standing sleigh beds are also available. If you want to save yourself from continually purchasing new furniture as your children grow, then Stickley Starters is your answer.

Made In America  
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