Simply Amish: Home Furniture Made Just For You

Simply Amish began in 1979 when the Kauffman family developed a distribution system for an entire network of traditional Amish country furniture workshops. The company is quick to point out that “Amish” does not refer to a specific style of furniture, but many styles that are handcrafted using the Amish standard of quality.

Simply Amish is not a single manufacturing site, but rather is comprised of 50 different workshops, each with craftsmen focusing on one particular specialty and area of expertise. Thus, a table craftsman will not make chairs - they might be hand made by a craftswoman in another workshop, and so on until your entire order is complete and brought together.

The term 'your order' means just that with Simply Amish. When you place an order for a piece of furniture, or even for a dining room set or a suite of bedroom furniture, each piece is placed with the craftsperson most suited to build it. This company has no assembly line, but is hands on - each craftsman feeling and touching the wood just as you will when you receive it.

Each Piece Tracked With Your Name On It

Every craftsman and woman is on the same quality page, and only the best are employed. Every order is tracked by placing your name on each piece. Each table, chair, cabinet or bed is made just for you. Nothing is taken from stock so Simply Amish can easily customize each piece of furniture to meet your specifications. It is your order - nobody else's.

Simply Amish is also environmentally responsible - they are founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, and their wood is taken from sustainable forests no more than 500 miles from each workshop. There is no waste - larger pieces of wood are reused or sent to other workshops that can use them, smaller pieces may be used to hand-craft children's toys and sawdust is used for horse bedding.

The Simply Amish standards of quality are very high: tables are finished top and bottom, and all parts of a drawer are finished to the same standard. Because everything is hand-made, the highest standards of joinery and cabinet making are employed, with open and hidden dovetails, pinned mortise and tenons and mitered joints used where appropriate.

Customization Options

When you order Simply Amish furniture you will have the option to customize each piece to suit your needs. The company understands that not all dining rooms are the same size, and that bedrooms can be large or small. You can choose your own dimensions and also the wood and finishes you prefer for each collection.

You can choose from American cherry, hickory, quarter sawn white oak, oak, hard maple, soft maple, and walnut, and also a range of stains and wood finishes to give the color and level of mattress or gloss you want. The wood choices combined with the choices for stains give customers about 80 options from which to choose.

When you consider all of these options, plus the seven different styles available, you have endless possibilities for creating just the right piece or set of furniture you need for any room in your home.

Simply Amish For Children

Simply Amish does not employ robots, just skilled human beings with your satisfaction and comfort in mind with every piece of beautiful furniture they put together. Also check out the range of kids' toys, from traditional rocking horses to checkerboards and checkers, yoyos, train sets and many other traditional wooden toys - all made to the same high standard of workmanship.

Check out the Simply Amish Website here.

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