How to Choose a Mattress: The Difference Between Mattresses

If you know how to choose a mattress and understand the difference between mattresses that are available to you, then you need read no further and can go straight to our Jamison Bedding page. However, even if you do, you may be advised to read the information below, as those that have no idea how mattresses are made should also be reading.

To select a mattress for your bed without understanding how it is put together does not make sense, because the comfort of the bed you sleep upon comes predominantly from the mattress - a good mattress will be comfortable to sleep on even if it is lying on a bed of concrete! However, the design of the bed does help, although its springing, if it has any, does not figure greatly in how comfortably you will sleep:  hence the popularity of slatted rather than sprung beds!

Here, we will explain how to choose a mattress based upon its construction, and show you how the difference between mattresses lies in its springing and its comfort layers. So let's begin by looking right through the padding and comfort layers and explaining the different springing arrangements:

Innerspring Mattresses

There are various types of innerspring mattresses, the most common of which are:

Coiled Springs (Bonnelli coils):  these are the most common type of springs found in today's mattresses, and you will find them in mattresses in the low to middle of the price range. The hour-glass shape coiled springs are connected together with helical cross-wires, and when each partner moves, all the springs move to a degree affecting the other partner's sleeping position. 

Pocketed Springs (Marshall coils):  Each barrel-shaped coiled spring is contained in its own fabric pocket, and when it is compressed it affects no other springs close to it. Each partner can move independently without affecting the other because the movement of one spring affects the other only very minimally due to the movement of the pocket fabric.  This system is found in mattresses at the higher end of the price range, so if you can find a lower priced mattress with pocketed coils, jump at it! 

Smart Coils: Each helical coil is wound in the opposite direction to its neighbor, so when one spring is compressed,  its neighbors tend to offset the movement by compressing in the opposite direction. These are not as effective as pocketed springs in isolating movement, but are a lot better than ordinary Bonnelli coils. Mid to higher price range.

Offset Coiled Springs: In offset coiled springs, the immediate top and bottom turns of the coil have been flattened, and the flattened part joined with helical wires.  This acts like a hinge, so that the coils tend to conform to the shape of the body lying on them. These are marginally better than ordinary innerspring mattresses, but only just. Mid range.

Continuous Coils: These fundamentally form a mattress of continuous coiled springs interlinked form a single piece of wire. They work in the same fashion as Bonnelli coils and every movement on the mattress affects the entire coil structure. Low to mid range.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses can be made of various type of foam. Some cheap mattresses are formed from one or more layers of polyurethane foam of various density and hardness ratings. Some of these might be topped with a layer of memory foam that conforms to your body shape and maintains that shape until you move, when it then takes up your new shape.

Innerspring Mattresses with Comfort Layers

The best mattresses are created using innersprings and a number of comfort layers. The spring arrangements are as explained above.  The best and most expensive are the pocketed spring type of innerspring, and covered with various comfort layers.  Included are layers of batting to  insulate your boy from the sharpness of the edges of the springs, a layer of  polyurethane foam and perhaps then a layer of memory foam for maximum comfort.

These are fundamentally the ways that modern mattresses are constructed, and before you choose you mattress make sure you fully understand how your has been designed. You pay for what you get, and when you consider that you will spend about a third of life on a mattress, it is wise to spend more on that than on any other piece of home furniture.

The design of your bed is less relevant to your comfort and sleep than your mattress. Do not let your desire to impress others with your wonderful furniture take precedence over your quality of sleep and comfort in your bed.  If you are going to spend money on anything, make it your mattress.

Patterson Furniture offers you the fabulous products of Jamison Bedding of Atlanta:  offering you some of the most comfortable innerspring and comfort layered mattresses in the entire USA.  Made in America for Americans!

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