Custom Furniture Design Service: Home Furniture and Interiors

Patterson Furniture offers a custom furniture design service that takes the stress out of choosing the most appropriate furniture for your home. Your furniture might last a lifetime, and you want to make certain that you choose the most appropriate furniture and furnishings for your home and its decorative style.

When they walk into a furniture showroom, many feel pressed by salespeople into making a quick decision.  This is why you are advised first to check out the Patterson Furniture website and choose some options that you feel might fit into the style of your home. We can offer you a large selection of furniture designed and constructed by some of America's great furniture companies.

Among them are L. and J.G. Stickley, Southwood Furniture Corporation, Sherrill Furniture and Simply Amish. We also offer Jamison mattresses to complement the beautiful beds offered by these companies and also by American Craftsman and The Custom Shoppe. You are sure to find what best suits each room in your house from that list, but we also offer more. These examples are simply an introduction to the range of American furniture manufacturers that we are able to offer.

Experienced Interior Designers

Once you have checked over our site, and that of each of those companies above, you should then contact us to talk to our experienced interior designers who will discuss every aspect of your home furniture needs free of charge. They will discuss your furniture design and functionality, any color schemes you are working with and also the home accents that might suit each of your rooms. Examples of these are your use of mirrors, vases, rugs and lighting.

You can also arrange a home visit, although this service involves a charge that will be made clear to you when you talk to us. We can assist with space planning, the selection of upholstery fabrics, the most appropriate woods, and the finishes that are most appropriate for each of the rooms you want furnished.

You are not obliged to purchase the actual items displayed on our website, and if you visit each of our featured furniture manufacturers you will find out that there is a high degree of customization available to you. The staff you speak to are all interior designers with a great deal of experience in customizing furniture and furnishings to meet specific requirements and enable you to furnish each home as appropriately as it should be furnished.

American Furniture Made in America

Here at Patterson Furniture we have access to wide range of American furniture manufacturers, and if you want everything made in America then it will be. We also offer items of home dΘcor such as rugs, mirrors, candlesticks, vases and a great deal more to enhance the look and appeal of each room in your home.

You want your home to look exactly as you envisage it in your mind: we can make that dream a reality, and we will also give it the same tender loving care that you will yourself. Every one of our manufacturers can offer customization of upholstery fabrics and leathers, furniture dimensions, leg, back and arm designs and also of woods and wood finishes.

Did you know that American walnut is true walnut while the more common African walnut is not? That is more related to mahogany and Spanish cedar in nature. The walnut used in the furniture offered by Patterson is true American walnut. In fact, at least one of our manufacturers uses wood from its own sustainable forests. So if you want your furniture to be made in America, even the wood, we can provide!

Not only provide, but by means of our custom furniture design service, we can provide exactly what you need. Simple visit our design web page and fill in the form, then we will contact you within a day. You can also telephone our showrooms in Lilburn and Roswell if your needs are urgent.

Our experienced home design experts can offer a furniture custom design service second to none. They will help you to make certain that the furniture you buy is ideally suited both to the functional and the decorative needs of your home. We also offer a home consultation service where our experts will come to your home and discuss the perfect furniture and furnishings needed for you to attain your dream home interior.

Made In America  
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