Buying a Jamison Mattress in Atlanta:
How to Choose a Mattress

When buying a Jamison Mattress in Atlanta, the company offers you all you need to know about how to choose a mattress on its website - yet many have no idea of how to go about making their choice. To many people the mattress is a mattress, and if it feels comfortable in the shop after 5 seconds lying on it, then it's fine.

What they fail to understand is that after searching to stores for mattresses, or perhaps they have already been shopping for something else, even a park bench might feel fine! There are ways how to choose a mattress, whether it is a Jamison mattress in Atlanta or some other make, and that is not one of them. Check out the Jamison Bedding website to find out the difference between the various types of mattress and which could be best for you.

We are not going to repeat here everything you can find out by clicking on the link below, but there is a great deal of misconception about mattresses. People often ask - what should I buy first, the mattress or the bed? Or, should I always take the mattress that comes with the bed? Here are the answers to these questions, and a few more.

Q: What Comes First - Bed or Mattress?

Ans: Neither: they are independent of each other in everything but size. In fact, both beds and mattresses come in standard sizes, and you should be able to find a bed to fit your existing mattress and vice versa - so it makes no difference.

Q: Why - don't the bed and the mattress both contribute to comfort?

Ans: Yes, they do, but they are not matched. You should purchase a bed that most meets your comfort needs. If you need a harder orthopedic bed, then look for a bed that has harder springs, or even one with a slatted wood base. Beds can be fitted with soft springs, hard springs or no springs at all. The mattress can be hard or soft according to your needs. So a hard bed and hard mattress makes sense, but not a bed with a soft spring if you are buying a hard orthopedic mattress!

Q: So should I always take the mattress that comes with the bed?

Ans: No - definitely not. That is just a mattress on display, and if you decide on both you are selling yourself short. Choose a mattress that best meets your personal needs.

Q: Is it Jamison Mattress in Atlanta or Jamison Bedding?

Ans: It is Jamison Bedding. Because so many people looking for a mattress in Atlanta go to Jamison because it's an Atlanta company, they often just refer to it as Jamison Mattress. That's wrong, because that's not the firm's proper name.

Q: How can I tell when I need to renew my mattress?

Ans: You will know if it starts to feel lumpy, uncomfortable, it gets softer than it should be, you feel the springs coming through or even if you feel the edges sagging and failing to support you.

Q: I have read about how to choose a mattress but what do you say?

Ans: Don't just lie on it for few seconds for the reason stated above - any mattress might feel great if you are tired after a hard day shopping. Take 15 minutes! The store assistants will expect it, and will not ask you hurry your choice - if they do then just walk out - that would not happen if you are buying a mattress in Atlanta from a store such as Patterson Furniture.

It takes a full 15 minutes to lie on a mattress, find out if you feel comfortable and how it conforms to your body. If possible get a friend to lie beside you so you can compare how you affect each other when you move. That should be minimal at worse or not at all at best. Once you get the mattress home it could be too late for all that.

Q: What if I do get the mattress home and find I have made a mistake?

Ans: It's up to the store - they sold it in good faith and you bought it. A good store might take it back, though it's doubtful if it is out of the wrapping. You should ask about the returns policy when you purchase the mattress.

Q: What if the mattress is faulty - what happens then?

Ans: Your warranty will come into effect. If you have removed the 'Law Label' you might have problems, because that's what identifies the mattress as having been sold to you - otherwise you could be returning another mattress! Also make sure the mattress is not soiled or stained in any way - no soiled returns can be legally accepted, even if the store was willing.

These are just a few of the questions that people ask when they are considering purchasing a Jamison mattress. If you are looking for a mattress in Atlanta, check out the Jamison Bedding site here.

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